About Me

Happy being me!

Hello! Welcome. My name is Barbie. (Not Barb or Barbra. Seriously, though – don’t even think it.) I am a Life & Wellness Coach that helps you take action towards real change.  

I am fierce about empowering women to be who they were before the world told them they had to be someone else. 

To choose self-love, self-care and total mind/body wellness that enables them to radiate with enthusiam and joy.

I believe that every struggling woman can re-write their story. 

I know because I did. 

Oh, did I mention that I am a recovering codependent and failure?

For years, I accepted a dysfunctional relationship as it continued to spiral deeper into destruction. The daily chaos, the codependency, the pain – it was all life as normal. 

I had forgotten who I was. 

The 10-year-old who loved to dance. The beach-lover. The girl who loved to write and dreamt of traveling. 

And then one day I took a long look at my children and knew that I wanted to be remembered as the woman who decided she was worth it, didn’t quit and created a life and legacy that impacted herself and future generations. 

I stepped out and took my life back. 

I said ‘yes’ to an intentional way of thinking. I invested in myself so that I would have the tools to intentionally shift my mindset and to put myself and my health and wellness at the top of my list.

I ended my first marriage and moved to Vancouver, Washington with two young children. I didn’t know a single person but knew I had to discover my true purpose. I had to find a way to bring my dreams to life.

Those short sentences hold a lot of life-changing work. The changes didn’t come overnight. But I was laser-focused on my goal. It was time to break free of the things holding me back. At least, that is what I thought. 

In 2014, I decided to step out of my ho-hum Exectuive Assistant life and start living up to my potential. I quit my job and invested $4k in a business coach to make the jump. And then I freaked the f**k out. 

Within 30 days I had taken another full-time job making $20k less per year and retreated back into the workforce where I spent another four years not living up to my full potential. I realized that my identity was validated by title and status. It was a huge moment of insight into myself. 

Failure is part of success. In 2018, I found the determination to take the next steps and do the work to really make my dreams happen. I dug deeper into the thinking that was holding me back. I reframed my identity with positivity, respect, and worth. I put myself and my health at the top of my list.

I lost 30 lbs by following a proven model of healthy eating to get my portions in control. I invested in a daily shake to fill my gaps in nutrition.  And I found a team of positive, like-minded women who not only helped me to stick to my health goals, but helped me to dream even bigger for myself.

I finally found a way to step up as the leader I always knew I wanted to be.

I now I want that for you. I want you to break free and evolve to your limitless potential. 

I create space for women to practice being fully seen and heard. I offer the tools to shift you into high conscious living so you can practice mind/body wellness as a way of life. 

I open up a safe place for you to feel what you are feeling while simultaneously empowering you to choose movement forward. I am your cheerleader, your change agent, your gremlin stomper, dream chaser, wisdom whisperer and body image confidence booster. 

Are you ready to live your desired life? 

Let’s slay your goals!