About Me

Hello and WELCOME! I’m so glad you found me and can’t wait to get to know you better.  I’m a Certified Life Coach and Wellness Coach for extraordinary women who want to achieve their desired life through mind and body wellness.  You might also call me a change agent, gremlin stomper, dream chaser, wisdom whisperer and body image confidence booster! I’m also a self-proclaimed personal development and growth junkie, wife, mom of two, friend of many, fitness fanatic, life lover, spiritual seeker, truth teller and belly laugher.

My biggest passion in life is helping extraordinary women like you achieve your desired life through mindset evolution and intentional movement. I’ve discovered that every time I have ever leveled up in my life or in business, the mindset work was critical to my progress;  and it came before any movement I was able to create.  This was true for the big changes, like ending my first marriage, and for the smaller, but still signifcant changes, like losing 30 lbs. 

It is with that in mind that I created packages and programs to serve women who know they’re ready for change.  Women who want the increased energy and confidence that comes from living a healthy lifestyle (mind/body/spirit), and who crave being intimiately supported on that journey while they take on their next level mindset evolution and intentionally move to create the life they deserve and desire.

Dream big, sister!  You’ve got all you need within you and I am so excited to be in your corner helping you slay your goals along the way.

XO, Barbie