About Me

Hi there! Let me tell you a little about my story and how I got here. I am a life coach, fitness & nutrition coach and personal development junkie.  I am grateful for each of those elements that make up who I am today, but I want to share with you about my deep love for personal development and why that is so important to me (and ultimately for you).

When I first started my journey of personal development in 2004, I felt isolated, insecure, lonely and, for the most part, simply broken.  I didn’t know who I was, what I stood for or how to feel happy. I was an expert in faking it and I was an expert in rationalizing bad behaviors (mine and my husband’s at the time), The worst part, aside from feeling like a constant failure, was that I felt like I was living a lie. Essentially I lived two lives.

At work I was able to show up confidently and with competence in my duties. Work was a great distraction from my real life.  I was well liked, eager to take on new tasks and found it easy to climb the corporate ladder.  I spoke up with my opinions and earned the respect of my peers pretty easily.

In my home life I had no voice. No power. No control. I was alone in a world filled with addiction, manipulation, codependency and massive amounts of fear about anything and everything.

That all changed when I began to intentionally focus my efforts on the person staring back at me in the mirror.  I knew self-care was important but hadn’t learned how to really do that and didn’t understand where to begin. But one thing I did  know was moving my body made me feel better. I used to dance back in high school and I absolutely LOVED it.

So movement is where I started. I wasn’t very fit , but I started walking. Then running. Then racing.  And through all of that I had my amazing friend personal development along for the ride.  My path would eventually lead to divorce, moving myself and my young children across the state, filing bankruptcy, starting over, pursuing a career in life coaching with a year-long training, meeting the love of my life and marrying him, and then finally landing where I am today, a Confident, Courageous, Powerful woman on a mission to help women take back their life using fitness, nutrition and personal development.