My Philosophy

Fitness is a journey, not a destination. Even when our bodies become stronger, or healthier or we lose weight or add the muscle – we are not done with our journey. We’re simply onto another phase of it There are so many benefits to fitness other than the physical sense one might think:

  • We feel better about ourselves, physically and emotionally (confidence)
  • We put self-care as a top priority in our life-affirming our worth (we matter)
  • We’re more open to try new things, risk failure, reap rewards (courage)
  • We are happier, more content and able to handle life’s challenges (strong)
  • We learn to stand for ourselves in a way only we can (powerful)
  • We become beacons of hope for those around us (inspirational)

My Coaching Programs

Getting personalized and strategic support in the area you need it most is what life coaching is all about.  The relationship I create with my clients allows them to fully explore what is holding them back, create powerful shifts in energy to move them out of “stuckness”, and take action in ways that support their goals while ensuring they stay in alignment with who they are at their core.


This program includes a complete nutrition education system that incorporates training videos, a workbook, a cookbook and a daily fitness journal to help you truly learn, understand, and implement how portion control works according to your body and your movement. The first 30 days are spent focused solely on nutrition, uncovering your mindset blocks, and developing a solid habit toward your new nutrition-focused lifestyle. By week 5 we are implementing movement that is simple, effective and can be done from the comfort of your home in just 30 minutes. Between the full nutrition program, weekly group coaching calls, accountability check-ins and a few coaching sessions specifically geared toward understanding your energy levels and how they’re showing up in your world, this program is a game-changer to help you stop self-sabotaging and start living the healthy lifestyle you’ve always wanted!

Ala Cart Options

I partner with the company, Beachbody, to bring world-class fitness trainers and complete nutrition programs right to your living room. There are multiple options depending on your current fitness level and health goals. Whether you’re looking to add in a healthy shake, need a solid nutrition plan, or simply want access to our library of on-demand workout videos, I can help. Ala cart options always include access to my ongoing accountability group where you can check-in daily on your workouts and nutrition and receive support and guidance from me at no additional cost. To create a free membership, click HERE.

To see if we’re a good fit to work together and decide which option is best for you, fill out my free Strategy Session application today.