Who Am I?

Hi there! And WELCOME. I’m so thrilled you found your way here.  Settle in while I share a little about who I am and what makes me tick!

First of all, let’s get something straight so we can avoid any embarrassing moments. Yes, my name is Barbie. No, it’s not my birth name. No, you can’t call me Barb or Barbra or Babs or any of that crap. Seriously, though – just don’t even think.about.it – unless you’re my mother (and even that is a stretch). 

I am a Certified Life & Health Coach that helps you take action towards real change so you feel vibrant, joyful and have sustainable life-long energy to accomplish what you’re really meant to do in the world.

I am fierce about empowering women to live a healthy lifestyle in mind, body, and spirit. To thrive instead of merely surviving through life. To make choices out of love, self-compassion and purpose instead of fear, obligation or self-doubt.

I believe that every struggling woman can re-write her story.  I know because I did. And I did it through mindset evolution, intentional movement and the goal of creating my optimal life. My desired life.

After years of living a codependent life, I slowly and strategically pulled myself out. Very simply put, I did the work. And it was HARD work. Change is hard but I promise it’s worth it.

My Turning Point

Like most women I know, there becomes a time in your life when enough is enough! I’ve had several of these pivotal moments. From ending my first marriage to moving across the state to a new town and navigating life as a single mother, to becoming a certified life coach, and finally to confronting my sexual abuser from my childhood.

I navigated the long road of uncovering all the hidden energy blocks that kept me stuck. Stuck in relationships that weren’t working. In a career that wasn’t fulfilling and of course in a lifestyle of yo yo diets, binge eating, running off the calories and all or nothing thinking that resulted in me being 30 pounds overweight.

I felt ashamed, uncomfortable in my skin, lacked energy and had simply resigned to the fact that as a woman in my mid 40’s this was just how it was. Of course, I also stopped taking full body photos so as the weight crept up I pretended not to really notice.

But I DID notice. My mind, my body, my energy, my confidence….it all suffered.

Then one day… I got a photo from a recent race. And I couldn’t believe it. Was that me? Really? I knew I didn’t feel good, but I didn’t really know how that showed up until I saw that photo.

The Real Change

That is when I truly decided to go ALL IN on me. I invested in myself so that I would have the tools to put myself and my health and wellness at the top of my list.

I lost 30 lbs by following a proven model of healthy eating to get my portions in control. I invested in a daily shake to fill my gaps in nutrition.  And I found a team of positive, like-minded women who not only helped me to stick to my health goals, but helped me to dream even bigger for myself.

I finally found a way to step up as the leader I always knew I wanted to be. A true leader of myself in all the ways that really count. And a leader of others.

And now I want that for you. I want you to break free and evolve to your limitless potential. Your health, your mindset, your habits and ways of being are all interconnected. To fully evolve you must first expand your thinking so you can elevate your life. This is how I help you get real results.

I create space for women to practice being fully seen and heard. I offer the tools to shift you into high conscious living so you can practice mind/body wellness as a way of life, not as a diet that you do once or twice a year!

I open up a safe place for you to feel what you are feeling while simultaneously empowering you to choose movement forward. I am your cheerleader, your change agent, your gremlin stomper, dream chaser, wisdom whisperer and body image confidence booster. 

Are you ready to live your desired life? 

Let’s slay your goals!

Finding JOY