Have you ever caught yourself in your own lie, believing that something you’ve been dreaming of or have desired having in your life is somehow out of reach and always will be?

I have worked hard for more than a decade to retrain my way of thinking around what is possible. That hard work included asking for help, attending support groups, seeing a therapist on a weekly basis for nearly four years and countless hours of both being coached and coaching others through my life coach certification course and beyond. And yet still, there is a little voice inside that wants to creep in when things are going good. Like, real good. One might even say great! That voice is my fear feeding me the lie that what I’m going for isn’t achievable.

In the past I had let that voice not only keep me from dreaming big or having the life I wanted, but it kept me from myself. It kept me from speaking up when I felt hurt. It kept me from setting boundaries with people who didn’t respect me. It kept me in a place that felt so isolating that I was lonely even if I were in a room full of people. Can you relate?

I believe wholeheartedly that our lives are meant for purpose and that the experiences we create, no matter how challenging, bring us the gift of serving others in a way only we can. My past does not define me and my future is being written by me. It is the thoughts I think that determine my belief. And so I anchor myself to words. Lots of them. All empowering. All meaningful to me in some way.

Today I took it a step further and had the phrase “Actually, I can.” tattooed on my arm, for no other reason than to remind myself that no matter how big my dreams get, the person who gets to decide if I reach them is me. My thoughts. My beliefs. My actions.

So when that little voice starts creeping in, telling me I can’t do this, that or the other; or that I’m not ready (all lies); I need only glance down to remember my truth: Actually, I can.

Never doubt your ability to make magic with the gifts you were given ~ Barbie