In 8th grade the quote next to my name in my yearbook says “Do what you say. Say what you mean.”  

Even as a young girl I have held a strong value around taking personal responsibility for myself. It may have taken me some twists and turns to decide on something but once I did, I went for it. I didn’t always live into that value, though. Losing myself to sexual abuse, then codependency and on top of that a failed marriage definitely did a number on my self-worth and my ability to say anything.  I lost my voice, so to speak (pun intended).  

But that value of personal responsibility kept pulling me toward whatever solution I could find to help my current situation.  I won’t lie. It was HARD. Like, at times feeling hopeless, helpless and thoughts of not being sure if I’d survive kind of hard.

Thankfully I did pull myself out of that former life. And I did create something new and exciting and rewarding too. But I didn’t get here by wishing it to be. I worked for it because that’s what taking personal responsibility in your life looks like. 

Today I keep working on myself daily using fitness as my pathway to personal freedom (celebrating workout 17 of 100 complete in this photo)! Showing up for myself in fitness is a way for me to stay grounded to the things and people that matter to me. Do you know who the most important person is in this equation? ME. I matter to me. Being the best ME I can be gives me the energy and mindset to be more for others.

I don’t believe in perfection and I don’t even try to be perfect. Consistent Imperfect Action is my motto. But I also don’t believe (anymore) in being a lone ranger. I don’t do any of this alone. I have a team of amazing women – leaders – who have my back. These are coaches on my larger team, coaches I mentor and walk beside and coaches throughout the Beachbody network that are rooting for me to succeed. 

I would have given ANYTHING to have a support system like this back then.

Whenever you are on your journey, I hope you always ground yourself to the belief that YOU are in control of your life. 

You don’t need permission to speak up. 

You don’t need permission to save yourself. 

You don’t need permission to be all in. 

You don’t need permission to thrive. 

The ONLY thing you need is the belief around personal responsibility and the action to back up that belief.  If you’re striving to have this belief but keep missing the mark, take a look at who you spend most of your time with and if needed, level up!

Your circle should not only want you to succeed, but should remind you that it’s YOUR job to do the work. And if they’re leaders, they’re doing the work themselves too. Isn’t that who you want to be connected with? I do. I am. You can be too.