International Women’s Day is Sunday, March 8th.

It’s been on my heart for a while now to do something special for women who want to be fully supported in creating a breakthrough in their life and specifically as it relates to how they see themselves, their self-love and their body through a VIP Private Intensive Day of Coaching followed by a magical photoshoot with my good friend and female empowerment photographer Irina Negrean Photography.

I know the work to create total mind/body wellness requires a deep look at what is holding us back, a shift in what is possible and momentum to create success moving forward.

What better way to feel empowered and create that momentum than to do the internal work via coaching AND experience the magic of what Irina does on the daily (if you know her, you KNOW what I’m talking about).

This is why I decided to run a flash sale special for my 1/2 Day Private Intensive Coaching package and GIFT you a session with Irina, all for $650 starting right now and ending March 9th at 10 am.

Click the link below to purchase and snag your spot!

What’s included for $650?

Core Energy Coaching™ Assessment to show how your energy shows up in the world

Coaching Debrief of Assessment to map out how and where your energy is adding to or taking away from your ability to reach your goals

We’ll then engage in a powerful, intensive coaching session,(approx 4 hours) during which you’ll gain clarity around:

Your WHY: your ultimate reason for mind/body wellness

Your crucial WHO: know who you are at your core, the true source of your personal power

The important HOW: discover the techniques to leave self-sabotage behind so you can truly achieve your mind/body wellness goals

Your critical WHEN: map out a solid plan to put yourself front and center of your life, starting with a photoshoot to celebrate the beautiful woman you already are.

Irina Negrean Photoshoot details:

– complimentary consultation
– professional hair and makeup
– complimentary drinks and snacks
– full access to studio wardrobe
– fully guided photoshoot
– a gallery of fully edited final images to choose from
– $200 credit towards any package or two digitals

This offer expires at ten AM March 9th, coaching and photo session must take place within a year of purchase, the purchase is non-refundable.

LINK: http://bit.ly/2020vipintensivespecial

Photo credit: Irina Negrean Photography