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Women Business Owners are changing the world and it is AMAZING! However, too many of you are hustling so hard that you’re leaving self-care as this thing you do on Sundays (if that…) so even though you’re crushing your business goals, you’re killing yourself in the process.  Not cool… And it doesn’t have to be this way. If you’re tired of running on empty and you are ready to invest in your health and wellness so you can expand your mindset, elevate your internal and external strength and evolve your life and your business keep reading

Do any of these sound like you?

A service-based business owner: who’s burned the candle at both ends to get to the six-figure mark in your business and you know if you don’t start taking better care of yourself and your health right now, you’ll completely burn out.

A high-level executive: who’s worked so hard to become successful at what you do that you’ve lost who you are along the way and you just can’t seem to get yourself back, no matter how hard you try.

A heart-centered goal-getter: who goes after what she wants with purpose and passion, including her healthy lifestyle goals, but keeps finding herself stuck on the yo yo diet train and doesn’t know why.

If so, it may also be true that..

Your thought patterns, people pleasing tendancies, lack of boundaries, and all or nothing thinking is the only thing holding you back from creating the life and health that you truly desire.

You’re ready to level-up your life and you want a roadmap that helps you unpack the limiting beliefs that keep you stuck while providing the structure and support you need to make long-term changes in the areas that matter most to you.

You’re not getting the support you need with other DIY apps, programs and self-directed courses on the market. You tried them all with great intentions to go “all-in” but find yourself alone in the struggle and end up giving up time and time again.

You’re no longer interested in the “first to arrive, last to leave, no lunch breaks” life and are ready to create a life that includes carved out time for yourself, your goals, and your bigger dreams. 

You know you’re meant to create an impact and you’re tired of cookie cutter solutions that offer no support and accountability so that you only experience temporary change leaving you feeling frustrated and overwhelmed after the program is over.

I am so happy you found me!  Now is the time to turn it all around.

The fitness industry is saturated with quick fix solutions in a one-size fits all format where weight loss and having a certain body size is the emphasis. Many programs give you a restrictive diet or highly regimented fitness routine that is designed to give you a quick win – but is not designed to be sustainable. Are you really going to give up carbs forever, or spend 90 minutes at the gym every day?  Most programs don’t even take into consideration the need for a more comprehensive approach to a solid self-care routine. One that looks at how your way of seeing the world influences your actions, which is one reason so many people end up back at square one.

Here is the truth. Learning how to keep extra weight off and create healthy habits is just one component of your journey.  If you really want a full life change that is sustainable long-term you need to become the next evolution of yourself. The you that shows up for all areas of life on purpose with purpose. That requires a much bigger transformation than what you’ll ever see on the scale. And you are in the right place for it.

Are you ready to hop off the quick fix train and redefine success in all areas of your life without having to navigate through all the self-help books, fad-diets, and impossible fitness routines?

Here’s what you really need to know (that is not being taught) in order to create real change and true happiness in your life.

You need to understand your default energetic responses and tendencies so you can identify the hidden stressors that are keeping you from accessing your higher-conscious thinking, the place that drives your capacity to set boundaries and implement action steps that protect you, your dreams, and your self-care.

You need to uncover the four energy blocks that keep you stuck in self-sabotage, the most common being the inner critic (aka your gremlin).  Without knowing how the four energy blocks present in your life, you’re likely to continue down the same behavior patterns over and over again, not just in self-care, but in life. That’s why this program includes access to the Energy Leadership Index Assessment™ as well as an in-depth coaching debrief to review your results and map out the specific areas of growth that will best serve you.
You need to evaluate your current value system so that you can know what boundaries you need to put in place first that will support you in creating the lifestyle you truly want.  This will require you to get honest with yourself about what values you may be holding onto that no longer serve you.

You need access to on-demand nutrition and fitness programs that don’t require you to be the expert, cut out food groups, or spend hours at the gym trying to piece together programs you found on YouTube or Pinterest.

You need accountability and support with a real human that will coach you through the energy blocks that come up while you’re learning to set boundaries and implement new actions that support your goals.  This is different from other coaching programs because a solid foundation for self-care includes a 360 review of your life, prioritizing where you need the most support and ensuring the main areas of emotional, social, financial, health/fitness, and spiritual/soul are addressed in your personal plan


Meet Barbie Haven, Founder & CEO

Barbie Haven is known as the Self-Care Queen, helping high-level leaders create a 360 approach to self-care that is personalized, sustainable, and fun so they can be in the best shape of their life, wake up with energy every morning, feel completely in control, and make a massive impact in business.

As a former executive assistant  I understand what it requires to live a healthy, happy life while climbing the corporate ladder. I struggled with codependency my entire life and have been able to fully step out of that season and embrace my own power.  I bring all of that experience plus my life and health coaching certification to create a complete transformation for my clients that not only impacts their health, wellness and fitness levels, but their happiness and fulfillment in life.

Barbie is:

  • A Certified Professional Coach & Energy Leadership Index Master Practitioner
  • Coach and mentor to hundreds of women on the path to live happier and healthier lives 
  • Co-author of the best-selling book, The One Thing That Changed Everything – Powerful Stories by Women Who Now Have It All
  • Co-founder of Team Brave a Bold, an online fitness and nutrition team committed to helping women create more freedom, friendship and fun through fitness and entrepreneurship
  • A motivational speaker and guest-podcaster who has appeared on stages such as ROAR Fierce Female Storytellers and Impactful Women, as well as the podcasts Dreams & Detours, Business over Beer, Being Motherhustler, and Mark My Words with Mark Schall

The one thing that repeatedly takes women leaders off their game and onto the side lines in all areas of their life is their lack of focus, energy and overall health and wellness. They spend so much time fixing one tiny component that they are missing the big picture so nothing changes long-term.

Which is exactly why you need a self-care program with a 360 review that finally uncovers how you see the world through your current lens and shows you how to shift into higher-conscious thinking, without solely relying on positive affirmations and vision boards to get you where you want to go.

You have more to offer the world than your current energy is allowing and your people are waiting for you to show up and shine the light so they can find you faster.

Let’s lock arms and get to the real work, so you can can stop spinning your wheels with promises of a better you that simply don’t work – and instead, put you in a position of real personal power where you will effortlessly and authentically create your life by design, which of course includes you at your absolute best.


When you do the work with The Ultimate You VIP Experience you’ll be able to:

Clearly see the boundary leaks that are causing you unnecessary stress

Master and become at peace with your inner critic

Make decisions based on clarity and confidence rather than obligation or fear

Build a self-care routine that stands the test of time


  • One hour initial coaching session.
  • Energy Leadership Index Assessment™ and personalized debrief (approximately 90 minutes) where we’ll identify your default tendencies – the way you currently tend to perceive yourself and react to the situations – and map out the top priorities in your personalized plan.
  • VIP Day (5 hours, which includes breaks) either via zoom or in person. Here we’ll deep dive into the top priorities in a customized approach based on your uncovered energy blocks and personalized goals discussed during your debrief.
  • 24 follow up implementation coaching sessions (30 minutes each over a twelve month period) where you will receive personal coaching to help integrate your actions steps based on your VIP day outcome/goals. 
  • Unlimited email support.
  • Access to an exclusive all-inclusive app where you’ll be able to track your health goals and engage with others who are on the health and wellness path.
  • A second Energy Leadership Index Assessment™ and debrief session to track your progress toward elevating your perception and default tendencies.


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